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All Inclusive Pricing

Our prices are very clear and transparent: there are no hidden charges or service fees.

We feel it is our duty to make your purchase a throughly pleasurable experience.

Our list price includes everything you need to hear better and not just your new Hearing Aid.

Your Hearing Aid purchase entitles you to all the following products and services from us at no additional charge:

Unlimited After Sales Care Visits - To make you’re hear your best your hearing aids need to be adjusted regularly. Depending on your hearing history and hearing loss this might take 3 or more sessions. However many sessions it may require, as our valued customer these fitting and aftercare sessions will always be free of charge.

Hearing Training - Your new hearing aids will let you hear all the sounds of life again. In some cases hearing aids alone might not be enough to get your hearing back to normal. As our valued customer we offering you free Auditory Therapy and Training. Auditory training and Therapy will help your central auditory system to best use all the sounds you can hear now with your hearing aids.

Product Warranty (varies by manufacturer) - Recognizing the importance of warranty to your long term satisfaction we offer you the best warranty conditions in Singapore (other countries). All our warranties are uncomplicated and have customers best interest in mind. Depending on product or manufacturer, we might offer you a simple one to one product exchange or send your product to the manufacturer for repair.

Custom Made Ear Mold(s) [if applicable] - Custom made earmolds are an essential part of BTE or high powered hearing aids. That’s why they are always included free of charge with your hearing aids. You may even choose from different colors or designs at no additional cost.

All necessary accessories (depending on Hearing Aid type and model) - Different hearing aid styles and models come with different accessories. Earmolds for BTE’s, Wax protectors for Custom made products or Receiver in Canal products, etc. Whatever it is you need to have your hearing aid operational will always be included in the price.

A set of Free Batteries - To get you started we put brand new batteries into your hearing aids and give you a 6pack free to get you covered until your first follow up appointment.

Hearing Aid Care Kit - Our free of charge Hearing Aid Care Kit is customized exactly to your needs to to keep your new hearing aids working at their best. It typically contains:

  • Battery Tester
  • Cleaning Tools
  • Drying Equipment